Saturday, November 21, 2015

A tale of two trades: Don't let depth blind you!

I recently mentioned a few trades that were made in my fantasy hockey league.  Both trades featured big name players, and both trades were incredibly short sighted.  That is to say, in each case, a team had a need for either more or less of a given position.

When looking at a depth issue like this, you've got to still keep your values straight.  Yes, if you only have one goalie, good owners will expect more in trades.  But you need to hold your ground, unlike in these deals:

Trade 1 - My Drew Doughty and Nick Bjugstad for Patrick Kane and Matt Greene
- This guy needed defenders and goalies, and we said Patrick Kane was "available."  I couldn't move fast enough - I offered my best defender and a center "to replace" Kane and the trade was accepted later that day.

Now Doughty is good - no doubt.  And Bjugstad is a nice enough 4th center.  But Kane has been the #1 player in NHL fantasy since this trade went through.  He definitely was too much to give up for some defensive help.

Trade 2 - My Ryan Getzlaf and Leon Draisaitl for Wayne Simmons and T.J. Brodie
- After that huge Kaner win, I turned around and made this dunce of a trade.  I had six centers, and so often times I'd end up a defender or wingman short in the lineup.  This...sucked.  So I decided to trade a center, and I made Getzlaf the guy.  Which was not smart.

Especially since, a week later, I traded Derek Stepan and Torrey Mitchell for Johnny Boychuk.  Which accomplished the same thing (losing the center, gaining a defender) for me without giving up a top 25 center.  So...should have just waited for this trade.

Regardless, Getzlaf has been very good since this trade.  And throw-in Draisaitl has been AMAZING.  Simmons, who I lived last year, is still middling in the top 100 to top 150 range, and Brodie is...not that good.  So definitely not a good trade.

And a side lesson learned after the Boychuk trade:
Never trade for highly ranked defensemen.  Trade for defensemen who are good at certain stats.

Brodie is a good defensemen.  Boychuk is a defensemen who is top 10 in shots taken.  Boychuk makes more sense on a roster.  So why in the heck did I trade for Brodie?

A sucker is born every minute.  Sometimes it's you...sometimes it's someone else.  After this post, hopefully it's more someone else than you!

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