Saturday, May 21, 2016

Fantasy update

Been a LONG time since I last posted - let's see how I finished in leagues gone by and where I am now in current leagues.

In basketball, I won the whole friggen league!  James Harden and LeBron James were clutch late, and I beat my Dad for the championship.  that was cool.

In hockey, I fell out in the quarterfinals.  I traded too much good stuff away and then oof...sad ending.

In football, things went okay.  I lost in the quarterfinals in Worst Team Ever, lost in the semifinals in show us your TDs, and then won the championship in The Toby Bowl.  It's my first time winning that in 3 years, so I was pretty excited.

As for current sports, in baseball I am currently tied for first in my division at 4-2.  Probably soon to be 4-3, as I took a sort of stars and scrubs approach and traded away too many helpful pieces early.  But I will come back.

Hopefully this week I'll be back to talk more baseball!

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