Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Building Trade Rapport: The Trade after The Trade

So I mentioned a few days ago that I made a pretty nice trade to improve my basketball team in fantasy.

Moments later, that owner also accepted ANOTHER trade from someone.  This one was his Carmelo Anthony and Michael Carter-Williams for Nikola Vucevic and Jrue Holiday.  This one also seemed to be a loss for the guy I traded with, as Vucevic is great, but Carmelo is transcendent when he's on his game and I'd probably take MCW over Jrue.  But one man's Cadillac is another man's Lincoln or whatever they say.

All I really took from the trade was that this guy was down to trade ANYONE.  So I took a second look at his roster and noticed a slightly slumping personal favorite of mine - Klay Thompson.  AKA his first round pick.

I already knew the guy liked Rudy Gay, as he had targeted Gay in those earlier trades.  And I knew Marvin Williams and Darren Collison were in the conversation with this guy since they had been in our talks as well.  So my final offer was the following:

My Gay, Williams, and Collison for His Thompson, T.J. McConnell, and Kentavius Caldwell-Pope.

My rationale was that Thompson was a two round upgrade on Gay, who would much improve my FG% over Gay while also adding more 3's (which my team is fairly strong in) and steals.

The other two guys I lose are replaceable.  Williams is playing out of his mind but most of his value in our league comes from double doubles, which won't last forever.  And Collison is nice late round value but he's not enough to hold this trade up.

Caldwell-Pope and McConnell are, as I often do in trades, pure filler.  I often see if I can trade them before cutting them, and while I might keep McConnell for a few days I will pretty much immediately cut Caldwell-Pope for someone with good steals on my watchlist, like Jae Crowder, Kent Bazemore, or Will Barton (the latter two also help 3's).

It seems like I'm probably done trading with this guy, as his 11 man roster has churned seven players in like three days and his last four aren't too great.  That being said, I do love Vucevic, so we'll see if he and I match up again someday!

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