Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday Thoughts

Welcome to my second edition of Sunday thoughts.  No one's really reading this year, so it's interesting figuring out how I best want this to look.

Green highlights for guys you should trade for or add.
Yellow highlights for players to put on your watch list.
Pink highlights for injury concerns.
Orange highlights for players I would try to trade away
Red highlights for players I would bench or cut.

Games I watched: Oakland-Pittsburgh, Denver-Indianapolis

General Thoughts:
- I picked up Sammy Watkins (or already had him) in all of my leagues this week.  I left him on the bench, but he had career highs against Miami this week and looked like a stud.  A lot of people are saying this makes him a must add, but with his extensive injury history and Tyrod Taylor at QB I actually like him as a trade candidate in yearly leagues.  See if you can package him plus something for a QB or RB upgrade somewhere.  If you're in a keeper league, feel free to hold onto him.

- Derek Carr is a beast.  Amari Cooper drops too many passes and Michael Crabtree has a moderate ceiling, but I loved watching them today versus Pittsburgh.  Of course Landry Jones saved the day - and I'd keep an eye on him if Ben Roethlisberger's foot injury is anything serious (looks like it may be).

- That Denver is crazy good.  Other than that I didn't see a lot I liked in the late game so far.  Manning is still too old and Luck is not as lucky this year...guess those beard hairs wore out.

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